Havells India Signs Commercial Agreement with Swedish Tech Start-Up BLIXT to Introduce Revolutionary Solid-State Circuit Breakers in India

Havells India Limited, a leading FMEG and consumer durable company, has taken a strategic step towards revolutionizing the Indian electrical industry by signing a commercial agreement with Sweden tech start-up BLIXT. The partnership aims to introduce revolutionary solid-state circuit breakers (SSCB) in the Indian sub-continent, strengthening Havells’ position as a leading switchgear company in the region.

Introducing Revolutionary Solid-State Circuit Breakers in India

Solid-state circuit breakers (SSCB) are a crucial technology for the industry, with their ability to interrupt current flow much faster than traditional mechanical circuit breakers. There is no wear and tear due to digital switching, with practically no arc unlike traditional electromechanical breakers. India’s demand for high-power applications is expected to grow faster than any other nation in the coming decades, and the power system is projected to become technologically superior, smart, and conducive to IT-enabled data sharing and management technology.

Havells’ Partnership with BLIXT

Havells’ partnership with BLIXT is a testament to its commitment to leveraging the latest technology and upgrading electricity infrastructure in India. Trued Holmquist, Co-Founder, and CEO of BLIXT said that “teaming up with the market leader in India will allow us to scale faster and reach a huge market in rapid transition.” SSCBs have versatile applications in the electrical industry, including power distribution, renewable energy, data centres, electric vehicles, and aerospace and defence.

Commitment to Leading the Transformation of the Electrical Industry Globally

Commenting on the partnership, Mr. Vivek Yadav, Executive Vice President of Havells India Ltd, said that “Havells is committed to leading the transformation of the electrical industry globally by strengthening its R&D capabilities and driving innovation.” With this commercial agreement, Havells is positioned to make a significant impact in the Indian electrical industry.

Applications of SSCBs

SSCBs have various applications, such as:

Power Distribution: SSCBs can be used in power distribution systems for commercial and industrial buildings. They can protect electrical equipment, such as motors, transformers, and generators, from overloads and short circuits.

Renewable Energy: SSCBs are well-suited for use in renewable energy systems, such as solar and wind power. They can help protect the system from overloading due to fluctuations in power output.

Data Centers: SSCBs are also used in data centres to protect critical IT equipment from power surges and other electrical faults.

Electric Vehicles: SSCBs can be used in electric vehicles to protect the battery pack and other components from damage due to short circuits or overloads.

Aerospace and Defence: SSCBs are also used in aerospace and defence applications, where reliability and speed are critical factors. They can protect sensitive electronic equipment and ensure mission-critical systems remain operational.


Overall, SSCBs are a versatile technology that can be used in a wide range of applications where fast and reliable circuit protection is essential. As the technology continues to evolve, it is likely that we will see even more innovative applications of SSCBs in the future. Havells India’s partnership with BLIXT to introduce revolutionary solid-state circuit breakers in India is a significant step towards revolutionizing the Indian electrical industry and driving the industry into the future.

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