Brighter’s Actiste® Receives Telecommunication Type Approval in the United Arab Emirates

Brighter AB (Publ.) announced today that the Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA) has granted Actiste® type approval for the radio transmission element in the device. With this approval, both Actiste® (with insulin injection) and Actiste® Mini have now received telecom use approval in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). What  remains to start the commercialization phase is IoT registration approval and exemption for permanent roaming.

Type approval, which is the requirement for Radio and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment (RTTE) to comply with specific technical standards, is the last thing needed to apply for and receive the remaining approvals which will set the company in position to start commercialization in the country.

“This approval is another milestone for the Actiste® portfolio in the UAE. We are very pleased that both Actiste® and Actiste® Mini have received type approval for telecom use. We are now focused on completing all the remaining commercialization preparations to bring Brighter’s diabetes management platform to patients in need and are optimistic this will happen in line with our time plan”, comments Erik Lissner, CEO of Brighter AB.

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