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  • China Automotive Systems Reports Almost 200% Increase in Net Income in the Second Quarter of 2022

    China Automotive Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: CAAS) (“CAAS” or the “Company”), a leading power steering components and systems supplier in China, announced its unaudited financial results for the second quarter and six months ended June 30, 2022. Second Quarter 2022 Highlights Net sales rose 5.5% to $127.2 million from $120.6 million in the second quarter of 2021. Gross profit increased 43.7% to $22.7 million from $15.8 million in the second […]

  • Lakewood, Ohio, Expands ParkMobile Partnership in an Effort to Modernize Parking in the City

    ParkMobile, the #1 parking app in North America, has expanded its partnership with the City of Lakewood, Ohio. A suburb of Cleveland, Lakewood is enhancing their parking experience with over 900 on-street and 160 off-street parking spaces now available on the ParkMobile app. “We are happy to build upon our existing ParkMobile partnership as we expand options for payment with our […]

  • Toucan receives an Industry Excellence Award from Dresner

    Guided Analytics pioneer Toucan today received the 2022 Industry Excellence Award in the Business Intelligence category from Dresner Advisory Services. The annual Industry Excellence Awards acknowledge vendors who have achieved leadership position according to market studies in Analytical Data Infrastructure (ADI), Business Intelligence (BI) and/or Enterprise Performance Management (EPM). As such, Toucan is recognized as […]

  • VIPSHOP Publishes First ESG Report: On the Path to Carbon Neutrality for a Better Future

    In July, VIPSHOP, a leading online discount retailer for brands in China, released its first ESG report, 2021 VIPSHOP Environmental, Social and Governance Report, detailing the company’s endeavors and accomplishments in the areas of environmental, social and corporate governance in 2021 in terms of energy conservation and carbon reduction, responsible management, customer service and sustainable supply chain. VIPSHOP is […]

  • Brighter’s Actiste® Receives Telecommunication Type Approval in the United Arab Emirates

    Brighter AB (Publ.) announced today that the Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA) has granted Actiste® type approval for the radio transmission element in the device. With this approval, both Actiste® (with insulin injection) and Actiste® Mini have now received telecom use approval in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). What  remains to start the commercialization phase is IoT registration approval […]

  • Greater Than launches feature to help businesses with CO2 emission transparency and reporting

    Greater Than (GREAT.SE), the global provider of DriverDNA for real-time insurance and predictive risk insights, has launched a new feature that enables commercial fleets and new mobility service providers to report on business travel CO2 emissions in grams. In the coming months and years, companies will likely need to report their total carbon footprint measured […]

  • Completion of share split in UIE Plc.

    At UIE’s Annual General Meeting on 19 May 2022, it was resolved to amend the denomination per share in the Company from USD 10.00 each to USD 1.00 each (a share split in the ratio 1:10). The planned schedule for completion of the share split of UIE’s shares listed at Nasdaq Copenhagen will be as […]

  • Valtech Named Adobe Platinum Partner

    Recognizing Valtech’s ability to help businesses transform and innovate experiences, at scale, across the world, with end-to-end consulting capabilities and premier quality of delivery, Valtech has now received Adobe Platinum partner status. For more than two decades, Valtech has helped clients across the world to transform and innovate the experiences they provide to their customers […]

  • Terrafame’s net sales in January-June 2022 increased clearly – battery chemicals’ share 39 %

    The financial information presented about Terrafame Ltd in this bulletin consists of unaudited FAS figures. The figures in brackets refer to the corresponding period of the previous year unless otherwise stated. April–June 2022 in brief: Net sales from the battery chemicals business operations totalled EUR 53.4 (0) million, or around 40% of the company’s total […]

  • MedCap divests Vitamin D

    MedCap AB (publ) has, through its subsidiary Unimedic Pharma AB, signed an agreement to divest the rights to the product Vitamin D to Pharmaprim AB.   The sales price and capital gain amount to 20 mSEK and generates a positive one-time effect in the third quarter. In 2021, the product’s sales amounted to 3.2 mSEK and […]