Attana increases focus on customer-centric operations

Attana implements organizational changes to ensure more customer-centric operations and an increased focus on sales within all business functions.

Attana has during the year continued to optimize the organization and deepen strategic collaborations with the goal of focusing the company’s resources on key customers. Technical development continues to be performed in close collaboration with select customers and partners under the management of Attana personnel. The organizational changes are summarized below:

Life Science – The company’s key customers have been allocated a dedicated Attana account manager and sales partners/distributors will primarily focus on lead generation.

Diagnostics – The business unit prioritizes sales through distributors and strategically important customers and Samir Fostock reverts to an external advisory role.

Product – A product manager has been appointed to ensure optimized resource allocation. Various product functions, e.g. software, hardware and applications have a dedicated internal Attana resource as well as one or more external partners.

Instrument Service – A service manager has been appointed with responsibility for generating increased sales and ensuring the company’s commitments to our customers and distributors.

Production – As previously communicated, Attana plans to move the production of consumables such as sensor chips and reagents to AroCell. The purpose of the move is to improve production capacity with better profit margins. Production of Instruments remains with Attana.

Teodor Aastrup, CEO Attana, comments:

“During the pandemic, we experienced that stable conditions are more important than ever in achieving commercial success. We have been successful in deals where we have built a strong customer relationship, and with these organizational adjustments intend to strengthen and develop existing customer relationships for increased revenue.”

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